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My six sessions with Jo, and the horses seems to have had a profound effect on me, though why or how I don’t know.

What used to seem like obstacles are no longer obstacles, my fearfulness seems to have disappeared, and my self-esteem has gone up. I used to feel like a cork bobbing about in an ocean, with no control over where I went; now I feel more centered, or anchored in myself. In relationships it was about ‘what do people want from me?’, and ‘how can I deliver?’; now it’s ‘what do I want?’. Now I seem to have the right, and the strength, to stand my ground. The anxiety/worry knob has been muted!

The ‘exercises’ you had me do with the horses were so powerfully illustrative, yet I’m not sure what of; possibly something about acceptance.

Thank you, and I will recommend this therapy to anyone.


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