My child hated therapy

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Jane and Roxie and the horses at Changing Horses are amazing.

I was absolutely all out of ideas for how to help my teenage child until someone recommended Horse Therapy and Jane.

The list of things I had tried was over two pages long and included countless traditional therapy sessions in a room, via text and over the phone.

My child hated therapy and just shut down and wouldn’t engage. Our resilience was absolutely shattered and we didn’t have the energy to try and go back through it again.

When someone mentioned Horse Therapy as an option it was like my options opened up again. My child absolutely loved horses… everything in her life is based around horses.
I remember texting Jane and feeling really excited about it. She called back super fast and we booked in our first appointment. It was an absolutely relief.
Roxie’s suggestions for us to look at and try have been super useful.
We are only three appointments in now but the difference after each session has been incredible. My child sings for hours after the sessions with the horses.
Having the big horses and the smaller ones all to herself and her being set fun challenges to do with them leaves her glowing for days.

She shares the photos and stories about her horses with her friends and our wider family. Something that never happened with feelings forms.

It’s really helped start rebuilding the connection between both of us. She calls it our special time together. She used to call the other sessions my way of punishing her.
Horse breathing connects with my child way more “when you get mad take a few deep breaths” ever did.
There’s still so much more to work on. We are three sessions in. It’s not an instant fix, but the horse therapy has helped at a time when I really thought nothing else would.
I’d like to say a massive thank you to Jane, Roxie and the team at I Am Hope for funding such an unique and special way to get young people to engage and talk about their emotions and feelings in a safe and fun environment.

Nikki – Wellington.

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