Post traumatic distress disorder and Horse Therapy

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Diagnosed with Post traumatic distress disorder

It was suggested to me to have horse therapy. I found this completely weird as i have always been petrified of horses, but i decided to give it a go as I was desperate to sort out my extreme anxiety. This is where i met Renee and Jo. Renee made me feel completely at ease as she was so genuine with her caring and understanding of myself. Renee gave me 100% feeling of trust, which in return made me feel relaxed. Jo takes care of the horses and that reflects of the great condition of the horses that she owns, also knowing the horses are very safe to be around due to the commitment and care that Jo gives them.

When I arrived at my first session, i was absolutely petrified. Renee said to me, by the end of this session you will be feeling a lot more relaxed. At the time i was very skeptical. Renee was true to her words and at the end of the session i was smiling and looking forward to the next session. It was the most amazing experience i have ever encountered in my life. I have a complete different outlook towards horses, they are now my most favourite animal and i look forward to having a form of interaction with any horses i come across.

Now that i am coming up to my last session with Renee, Jo and the horses. I have completely changed as a person on my outlook on life, I am a lot more relaxed and I’m able to enjoy life so much more. I believe this therapy will be able to help so many people who have anything from a little disorder/issue to a major problem. I totally recommend Horse therapy.

I wish Renee and Jo all the best in their fantastic work for their future. They work as a great team.

You both ROCK

Kindest regards