Reflection on the two day workshop

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Reflection on the two day workshop

At the beginning of the two-day workshop, I felt a bit of trepidation. I have never been that close to an animal that big in my life, and was suddenly meant to spend two days with them in the paddock. Frankly, I was quite pleased by the fact that we didn’t rush into the paddock but spend a bit of time in class before acquainting ourselves with the animals.

Setting Boundaries

I came out of the workshop having gained insights into my own behaviour that will be stay with me for the rest of my life. I thought I was quite good at boundary setting and working with other people’s boundaries. The horses taught me differently. I found myself approaching a couple of participants happily chatting away in very much the same fashion how I had earlier approached the horses: waiting for signals that I was welcome to approach, respecting the fact that I didn’t get the signals and retrieving to a safe distance, waiting for them to acknowledge my presence. Just what I did with the horses.

I have used boundary setting all my life, now I know why I do it and how I do it. A horsed has taught me. My work is all about communication. Being authentic and communicating clearly is a necessity in my business role. When I learned about how to move horses simply by using my energy, the shock of the insight was almost overwhelming: the thought ‘this is what you are doing all the time to the customer’ shot through my head.

Personal Energy

You can use your energy to move horses but you need to dial back your energy as soon as the horse moves. Otherwise, the pressure you exert sends the wrong signal to the horse. People are just like that. How often have I found myself in a situation where I haven’t scaled back the energy on individuals or groups and reaped the consequences? To make change happen for customers, the energy needs to go up. But as soon as the group moves, you need to drop it right down. The group keeps moving.

The two day workshop has brought more awareness and skills than any other training I have ever attended. Next time you are looking for a good communicator in your business, try a horse. Or a person who has attended the workshop.

Kind regards

Hans G Kopruch

Managing Director

Niche Market Limited